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Technology for the future of digital media.

Rensa redefines how content creators and IP owners are paid, recognized, and rewarded.

Today's content platforms diminish the work of creators with inadequate financial and reputational recognition.

Rensa removes intermediaries and allows creators to prosper.

Get Powered By Rensa

Our power is in your hands. License and deploy our tech stack with just two lines of code, leveraging our capabilities while retaining your branding and user base.

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Game Marketplace

Sell games with on-chain licenses for instant, transparent payments and automated revenue sharing for creators.

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Media Marketplace

Sell music, art, videos, and more—with the same features and benefits of our Game Marketplace.

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Run on-chain hackathons, game jams, and pitch competitions. Prizes are automatically and immediately distributed to the winners.

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Our team has over 20 years of aggregate experience successfully delivering technology and blockchain deployment for clients. We can help realize your vision.